Battlefield 4 Banned In China

The first-person shooter Battlefield 4 has had its fair share off odd events since the dawn of its arrival, but this newest China-based oddity has to take the cake. Due to the supposed discrediting of China's national image in the futuristic plot line of the game, Battlefield 4 has been banned from sale as of this week. As quick as possible, says the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the game is to be removed from physical shelves as well as all China-based online sales channels.

Those that've already downloaded the game in China will be unable to access any online content and are encouraged to delete the game from their consoles and PCs. The Chinese Ministry of Culture suggests that Battlefield 4 is "an illegal game, with content that endangers national security, and is all about a cultural invasion."

"Battlefield 4 relevant available downloads, patches, news, and other requirements [shall be] deleted within 24 hours." – Chinese Ministry of Culture

Apparently the bit in the game where American soldiers must march into China to help in a state of social instability is not entirely welcome as a possible futuristic outcome in the country at the moment.

Outside of China you'll find Ballefield 4 to have gotten a sorely needed patch for Xbox One earlier this month. There's been some not-so-kind action on the PS4 with DDoS attacks, and otherwise news has been positive.

Take a hook down to the Battlefield search portal here on SlashGear for more action through the past as well. As one of the most popular break-out titles for both the PS4 and the Xbox One here at the start of this generation, you can expect a whole lot more through the future as well!