Battlefield 2042's mystery game mode may have just been leaked

Even though it was revealed just weeks ago, we already know a surprising amount about the game. While we've learned a lot about Battlefield 2042's setting, its main multiplayer mode, its playable characters, and even its seasonal structure and DICE's DLC plans, there are some things the studio is keeping under wraps. Today, however, we might be learning about one of the game modes kept secret thus far.

If you look at the Battlefield 2042 website, you'll find that there's an unrevealed game mode listed next to the All-Out Warfare and Hazard Zone modes. We obviously don't know what that mode is, and the blurb accompanying it says, "Tune in to EA PLAY Live on July 22 and watch the reveal of this love letter to Battlefield fans and long-time players, developed by DICE LA."

That doesn't give us a whole lot to go on, but leaker Tom Henderson has revealed what that mode might be (via VG247). In the video you see embedded above, Henderson says that the unrevealed game mode will be called Battlefield Hub, and it'll serve up maps, weapons, and vehicles from previous Battlefield games in a sandbox experience.

Specifically, Battlefield Hub will offer remastered maps from previous installments in the series, along with the appropriate weapons and vehicles, but they'll all have Battlefield 2042's gameplay. Henderson also reveals that Battlefield 2042's specialists will transfer over to this mode, so if you were hoping for a return of more traditional classes, it seems like you're not going to find them here despite the trip down memory lane.

Henderson's source describes Battlefield Hub as the "fun" game mode in Battlefield 2042, meaning that it won't be competitive and might even be relatively unbalanced. It'll toss players into matches with classic weapons and vehicles and allow them to go toe-to-toe in a sandbox setting, so don't be too surprised if you're on the wrong side of some blowouts when playing Battlefield Hub.

Henderson has been correct with leaks in the past, but he does note that viewers should take this information with a grain of salt because he's getting his information from an email from a single source and a few images that he can't verify the authenticity of. Still, Henderson's leak seems to square nicely with EA and DICE's blurb about the mystery mode, so he could very well have the right details here. We'll find out soon enough, as EA Play Live will be broadcasting on July 22nd.