Battlefield 1 open beta arrives August 31

The Battlefield 1 open beta will launch on August 31 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers, EA and studio DICE have announced. The open beta will present gamers with Sinai Desert, a new map, as well as the Rush and Conquest modes. Anyone who signs up before August 21 as a Battlefield Insider will also have the possibility of getting early access to the beta. As well, players will get an early look at the open beta gameplay on August 16 via a scheduled broadcast on Twitch.

Battlefield 1 was first introduced back in May; it will take players to the World War 1 battlefield and introduce them to the myriad of weapons and vehicles that existed during it. According to EA, gamers will get access to things like 64-player battles, the 'most dynamic battles in FPS history,' and more.

That aforementioned Twitch broadcast will happen at noon PT and will involve Battlefield 1 Squads showcasing a pair of team captains leading 32-player crews.

Battlefield 1 will be launching for the three aforementioned platforms on October 21 of this year. The open beta comes before that, of course, giving players a chance to check it out while EA sees how it holds up and makes changes as necessary. If you really like what you see in the open beta, you'll be able to preorder the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition on October 18.

Finally, both Origin Access and EA Access members will have access to a Play First Trial on October 13 for the PC and the Xbox One.

SOURCE: BusinessWire