Battle-Rig Pro gamer's workstation

Looking for all the world like a giant, red Pacman that's midway through eating your PC, this monstrosity is in fact the Battle-Rig Pro, a creation by German custom workstation manufacturer Master-Rig.  Intended to lovingly, supportively surround you while you batter away at the keyboard and slaughter perfect strangers in prolonged bouts of online gaming, it's basically a wooden storage frame around a Recaro chair.


Storage should never be a problem (assuming you've somewhere big enough, and fashion-forgotten enough, in your house to put the Battle-Rig itself) what with all the push-to-open cupboards and various cubbies to choose from, and you can also fit your speakers and discretely route all the necessary cabling through purpose-made tracks. 

The whole thing splits into three for transport (the two outer rings and the inner desk), but even so they'll only ship within Germany or to Austria or Switzerland at present.  Price is on request, and Master-Rig are happy to customise a Rig to your specifications.

Master-Rig [translated] [via Techie Diva]