Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue #2 arrives with Batman Zero Wing glider

The second issue in the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point limited-edition comic book series has arrived, and it comes with a digital code for another exclusive in-game item. This time around, buyers (and DC Universe Infinite subscribers) can get the Batman Zero Wing glider, which is free with this issue in the comic series.

The first issue in the Batman/Fornite: Zero Point comic book series came with the Rebirth Harley Quinn skin, so the second issue's glider offering may be a bit less exciting for players. The free Batman Zero Wing Glider is joined by the release of the Batman Zero skin in the Item Shop, meaning you'll need to buy it if you want the outfit that goes with the glider.

The second issue in the series was released yesterday, May 4, and will be joined by the third issue scheduled for release on May 18. As with the original announcement, Epic isn't revealing the cosmetics and other items that come with these releases until each issue launches.

The digital code to redeem the Batman Zero Wing Glider comes with each print edition of the book, and can also be acquired from the digital copy if you're a US-based player with a DC Universe Infinite subscription. Keep in mind that the redemption code is only provided if you pay for the membership, however; free trial users won't be able to redeem the glider.

With the second issue in the limited-edition series, readers find Batman trapped on the battle royale island where his memories are gone, as is his ability to speak. Someone else from Gotham City appears in the second issue, someone he can't remember but who may help him get back to his own timeline.