Barcelona to ship this quarter, AMD to refocus on power efficiency

It's no secret that AMD has been struggling lately. They have posted a loss for the third straight quarter. While some of those losses can be attributed to the acquisition of the ATI brand, they've also been steadily losing ground to rival Intel. Despite these negatives, the company has assured everyone that they're still in the game.

AMD has announced that they are still on track to release their Barcelona chips by the end of the quarter. They have also stated that they are working on a "game-changing path" based on feedback from consumers. The biggest change is that they aren't focusing on sheer performance as much, but rather they want to focus on power efficiency.

They also showed off their new quad-core Phenom clocked at 3GHz and an ATI Tri-Fire multi-GPU setup using the RD 790 chipset. Rick Bergman, who was showing it off was quick to point out that no special cooling was required to run the system. He also stated that these components will be shipping by the year's end.

AMD Says Barcelona Will Start Shipping this Quarter (Fo' Reals) [via gearlog]