BAPco goes Cee Lo Green on AMD

I mentioned yesterday that AMD had pulled out of the industry group known as BAPco that produces the SYSmark benchmarking suite that is used widely for testing computer performance online and in print. AMD said that it wanted to support a benchmark suite that was based on open standards. BAPco benchmarks tend to use the software that is most popular in its test suite with the latest version SYSmark 2012 using Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Acrobat, WinZip, AutoCAD, and 3ds Max among others.

BAPco says that AMD has been a long running member of the group and participated fully in the two year development cycle of SYSmark 2012. BAPco says that each of the members of the group gets one vote on any proposals made by another member firm. AMD is said to have voted in support of over 80% of the SYSmark 2012 development milestones and was supported by BAPco in 100% of its proposals put forward.

BAPco goes on to state that they are disappointed that AMD has chosen to violate the confidentiality agreement signed in an attempt to talk people out of using SYSmark 2012 to assess the performance of AMD machines. I feel a lawsuit coming on in this case.