Bang & Olufsen Serenata music phone released

As usual, its not really all that attractive, but not quite unattractive enough to call it ugly. However if you are an audiophile, or just consider yourself someone who enjoys good quality audio, then this phone might be for you.

Firs there are the integrated HiFi speakers and the nice aluminum dial thing for navigation. Then there is the 4GB of storage for music. On the phone end, there isn't a number pad, but the screen is a sensi-touch display, which I assume means you can dial by touching the screen.

There is a dedicated button to switch between music and phone functions, both of which appear to be navigated through the aforementioned silver navigational wheel thing and the 2.4" LCD. If you are able to make sense of this "psycho-acoustic phenomenon" mumbo jumbo then this phone is probably for you.

You can be sure it will be expensive, in fact, I wouldn't put it past B&O to try and sell it for the same as the iPhone since its pretty close to the same thing. Only, the iPhone is more attractive.

B&O's 'Serenata' music phone unveiled [via Crave]