Bang & Olufsen debut BeoVision 8 40-inch HDTV in US

One of the most expensive and highest-end brands in the home theater market is Bang & Olufsen. The company makes some of the most expensive home theater gear you will find today. Last time we spoke about the company's HDTV sets it was for the debut of the new BeoVision 10-46 46-inch HDTV.

B&O today have unveiled another new HDTV in the BeoVision line called the BeoVision 8. The set is a 40-inch unit with a 240Hz refresh rate to reduce motion blur and provide a sharper and clearer image. The set also has dynamic contrast, but B&O is mum on hard specs for the unit.

B&O is known for their sound systems and speakers and they put a nice sound system into the BeoVision 8 HDTV. The set has a down firing bass speaker and front firing units for clear speech in movies and TV shows. The set will land at Bang & Olufsen retail locations this summer for $5400, which is a low price for the company.