Bang & Olufsen Beo6 Home Theater System Remote Unveiled

One day before Christmas, and Bang & Olufsen have decided to introduce a brand new home theater system remote. The new model, called the Beo6, is a replacement for the Beo5. And, as you might expect, brings new features along for the ride. Most importantly, though, is the added WiFi connectivity. The remote is unique in its design, as B&O have stuck a square display with soft-touch keys, on top of a round ball that features its own hardware buttons, along with a volume wheel.

The display on top of the ball is where owners will be able to see all the pertinent information, like channels and menus. If you've got your whole house set up to allow for B&O integration in multiple rooms, then you'll be able to control all of them independently, thanks to the Beo6. The device will also offer up programmable macros, to let owners do simple tasks, like dim the lights or turn on a piece of equipment, without having to dig through menus.

Bang & Olufsen have confirmed that the Beo6 will come in either gold or aluminum colors, but there isn't any word on when the device will ship, or for how much.

[via Electronista]