Bamboo Speakers are inspired by nature

Christina Crouch - Jan 31, 2008

Some products seem to dwell on feature and others dwell on design, rarely though do I think anything brings the two together. Yeah there are some that claim to have both but in my opinion most fall short and the Bamboo speakers are no exception.

bamboo speakers

Now, it does have some great features: it is WiFi enabled, wireless speakers, integrated LED screen, Mp3 line in, remote desktop, syncing, radio and CD player. The design, however, just looks ugly to me. It has three units that make up the whole thing, the right/left speakers, a base with a subwoofer and a control ring. You can use it as a radio or even sync it with your computer.

bamboo speakers

It lasts 12 hours per battery charge. I have no word about availability but the designer’s name is Soohyuk Im.

[via Newlaunches]

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