Bamboo laptop from Asus

If you like the look and feel of bamboo, ASUS has a laptop that's right up your alley. The top cover and the inside are made of bamboo. We're not sure what exactly would possess someone to design a bamboo laptop, but I think I like it.

Aside from the beautiful bamboo coverings, this laptop has a few added features that are worth noting. First is the trackpad; you can actually use your finger or a stylus to input text with handwriting recognition. Also on the trackpad you will see that the LEDs are actually built-in.

The keys have a design that look like bamboo joints. I'm not sure how this will feel when typing, but I'm sure it won't hinder you much. There is also a very interesting button just above the keyboard. You can use this to adjust the performance of the laptop. The PowerGear button will glow red or green depending on the setting you have it on.

Overall, an interesting and unique design. We've seen laptops made from all different materials: bamboo, leather, titanium, etc. What will we see next, a laptop made from recycled aluminum cans?

First Look: Asus Ecobook Bamboo Laptop [via gizmodo]