Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition gets September release date

Overhaul Games confirmed today that the PC version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will be arriving on September 18. The Mac and iPad versions are also releasing sometime in September, but sadly Overhaul didn't want to talk specific dates for those versions. The Android version doesn't have a release date yet, but we're hoping that having a solid release date for the PC version means that the Android port will be following shortly after.

In addition to the release date – or release window, depending on your platform of choice – Overhaul also announced a handful of new characters for the re-release. First up is Neera, a "half-elf wild mage slowly coming to terms with her enormous magical potential." Next we come to Rasaad yn Bashir, a "Calishite Monk demonstrating his monastic arts to the people of Nashkel," and finally we have Dorn Il-Khan, who is a particularly nasty looking half-orc Blackguard "whose otherworldly patron grants him terrible powers in the form of his black sword and unholy spells." Images of all three can be seen in the gallery below along with a slew of new screenshots.

You can recruit all three of these new characters, with Overhaul promising that each will add a few hours of gameplay. Neera and Rasaad both come complete with a new area to explore, so their inclusion brings far more beyond just a couple of new character models to look at. Neera, Rasaad, and Dorn will all be included in the PC and Mac versions, with Dorn and Neera only available as an in-app purchase in the iPad and Android versions.

Also included in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is a new arena called The Black Pits. Players will be tasked with fighting their way through 15 levels of the arena, and Overhaul claims that it adds over six hours of game time. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will cost $19.99 on PC, but you can knock two dollars off the price by pre-ordering the game. The Android and iPad versions should come in right around $9.99, which explains why two of the three new characters need to be purchased separately.

Oh, and by the way, wild mage is the best mage class in the game. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.