BagTV handbag has more substance than style

Daniel Lim - Dec 22, 2008
BagTV handbag has more substance than style

Have you ever got into the argument with your significant others about it’s not just another handbag, it’s Louis Vuitton or it’s not just another HDTV, it beams 24hz at 1080P? I’m not making a sexist remark but you know that topic surfaces quite often, right? But could you possibility imagine two of these devices live in harmony? A handbag with a built-in display? Seriously, it does but only in Britain.

BagTV offers a range of handbegs for geekiest chick with more substance than style. It features an integrated 7-inch screen on the side with ability to play videos, music and images from an attached multimedia player.

The display device draws its power from an integrated rechargeable power battery that can last up to continued use of 2.5 hours playing time. It also has an SD memory card slot, much like any digital photo frames, for storing your media content. Available in seven colors, the BagTV will set you back £295 ($435), and they do offer international shipping for additional £9.50 ($14.00). So there, $450 will get you the geekiest and chicest handbag on the block.

[BagTv via redferret]

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