Bagel tape measure doesn't make you count marks

If you have ever worked with someone on a project who uses a tape measure frequently, it can be impressive when they can glance at a tape measure and just know its 12 15/16 of an inch at a glance. Those of us who don't work with tape measures often end up counting the little tick marks and then cutting the board too short anyway. At least that's how it often works for me, but the Bagel Smart Tape measure will end all that.

This tape measure interfaces with a smartphone app and has three different measure modes. The first mode is String mode. It has a string that rolls out of the tape measure and all you need to is put the end of the string where you want to measure. A little window on the tape measure gives you the precise distance and can send the measurement to your smartphone as well.

You can also record a voice memo so you can describe what you are measuring to keep it in context for review later. Wheel mode makes it easy to measure with one hand and all you need to do is roll the Bagel on its wheel as far as 33 feet away to get an accurate measurement. The final mode is called Remote Mode.

This mode uses an ultrasonic sensor that can be aimed at walls, ceilings, or objects and gives you a reading without having to pull string or roll the wheel. An integrated laser pointer ensures you are aiming at what you want to measure. Bagel is on Kickstarter seeking $30,000 and has destroyed that goal with over $446,000 raised as of writing with 25 days to go. A pledge of $69 or more will get you a Bagel with shipping estimated in November 2016.

SOURCE: kickstarter