Bad news for Diablo III fans as Blizzard makes fundamental changes to franchise

There is some bad news surfacing today about the anticipated game Diablo III from Blizzard. Blizzards is making fundamental changes to the way the game will be played and how items in the game are purchased and traded. One of the changes being made to the new title is that no mods will be allowed. That means none of the custom games that we generally see with titles like Diablo III.

The move to make any mods to the game forbidden is blamed on security. The use of bots or mods is expressly forbidden in the terms of use. One of the changes that isn't that surprising is that the game is online only. You will not be able to play the game offline. Dial up users are doomed and there is no more building up a character offline and taking it online after you learn the ropes of the game play. Noobs that come around after the game is well established will be cannon fodder for the higher ranks.

The game will also see the end of your ability to gold farm for loot to buy the powerful weapons you need. Some may see this as a good thing though since the auction houses will use real money. If you want that fancy spell or sword, you simply get out your credit card and buy it. However, there will be caps so a level 1 character can't just buy the best sword out there and pwn. What do you think of the changes?

[via Rockpapershotgun]