Back to the Future Lego set is now official

The last time we got to play around with a specialty Lego set was back in June, when an official Minecraft Lego set went on sale, and it was pretty awesome to say the least. Today, though, Lego officially approved a Back to the Future set after it received enough votes for a review from the company on the Cuusoo project website.

Unfortunately, details are a bit sparse at this point. The set is so new, that Lego doesn't even know what pricing will be like or when the set will be available to the public. However, it looks like we'll be getting sets from all three Back to the Future films, and the Lego characters as well as the Delorean will reflect that.

The Back to the Future Cuusoo project started off as merely just an idea that was posted on the Cuusoo website, but it received enough votes (10,000) to be officially reviewed by Lego. Unlike a lot of other proposed models, the Back to the Future set was approved because of its high playability and popularity.

We're not sure if Lego will release the Back to the Future Lego model all in one set, or if they'll release three different sets for each movie. The option that makes the most sense is simply including it all in one set, and the extra pieces would be there to put together different Delorean versions based on the movies. In any case, we hope to find out more details soon.

[via Gizmodo]