Baby got...hips?! Jacked up face with a sideways booty

The morning weird for you all today is of a medical nature and perhaps one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Generally, if you want to have plastic surgery done you would look around and check some references of the doctor you are planning to use. The surgeon planning to put stuff into your body and change things permanently isn't where you scrimp me thinks.

Apparently, a woman in Miami wanted to go a bit more roundish in the rump area. She heard about a "doctor" (pictured) that could give her butt more bling for only $700. The "doctor" in question surprisingly wasn't a doctor. Upon seeing the supposed doctor and witnessing the horror that is that supposed doctors body and then learning that the "doc" had performed the surgery on herself the woman patient still decided to fork over her $700 and the series of injections started.

The "doc" didn't inject anything the FDA would recommend in a million years. The patient ended up getting an injected mix of tire sealant, cement, mineral oil, and super glue. I am sure that cement would give the woman a seriously toned bum. The downside is every chair she sat in would be hard as a rock. Apparently, the idiot patient nearly died from the procedure. Six Mix-a-Lot does not approve.

[via Miami Herald]