Baby boomers try Glass for the first time, hilarity ensues

Nate Swanner - Jun 20, 2014, 6:10 pm CST
Baby boomers try Glass for the first time, hilarity ensues

“The Google Glass.” That’s how more than a few elders in our society phrased Google Glass after seeing it the first time. A new video highlights what happens when Mom and Pop get hold of Glass. Most had no idea what it was at first, and at least one woman was mildly frightened to even touch it.

Let’s give the baby boomers a break, though — they were around just ahead of things like smartphones and touch screens. They also had no idea what the open beta product was, for the most part. Those that had heard of it — including one especially “hip” grandma — had no idea how to even put it on.

Glass is a wholly new environment and method for interacting with technology and our environment, too, so we can’t make too much fun of them. If anything, it shows us just how silly Glass is, no matter how cool or useful. One bright guy even said implants were likely the next wave after Glass. You don’t say?

Almost down the line, every one of the testers seemed thrilled with the hardware. They marveled at its utility, and loved even the smallest features like bone conducting speakers. One tester summed Glass — and really a lot of things we read about on a day-to-day basis — nicely. “Modern stuff is crazy, man”, said Jon. Agreed, friend… agreed.

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