B&N nook in-store availability this week; "More In Store" content launching

Now that the nook firmware v1.2 is out, Barnes & Noble's ebook reader is a whole lot more tempting.  So it's a good thing that, starting this week, the retailer is aiming to get stock of the nook into all its bricks and mortar stores; B&N tell us that as of mid-week, the majority of stores will have the nook in.

Would-be buyers can check availability here before they travel.  Barnes & Noble are also kicking off a new Valentine's themed tie-in to try and shift a few more nook units, so if you've been desperate for an exclusive Adriana Trigiani short story, a recipe for red velvet cupcakes (nothing says "I love you" like trying to fatten up your partner for the cold winter ahead) and a wine guide, now's the time to scamper down to the store.  More interestingly, perhaps, B&N are also rolling out their "More In Store" content this month, which will offer nook owners bonus ebooks and other information while on the premises.

Barnes & Noble nook hands-on demo:

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