Ayo smart glasses pipe artificial sunlight to your eyeballs

The market is full of so-called "artificial suns", which produce light meant to replicate what you get from the sun. Those who keep odd schedules or frequently travel use the lights to help battle against tiredness or to reset a sleep schedule. A new pair of smart glasses aims to do the same thing, but with a twist: the light is provided near one's eyes, something the makers claim has a bunch of positive effects like making one feel alert at night without interfering with one's vision.

The makers behind the Ayo smart glasses make some pretty big claims about their wearable, which includes a related smartphone app for mobile control. They're essentially light therapy smart glasses, and the makers claim the wearable can serve to enhance one's mood and boost one's energy. Such is achieved by the wearable's light "gently [entering] your eyes, just like sunlight," something that reportedly "triggers retinal ganglion cells that send signals to your brain."

Or, to put it more simply, the sun isn't up nearly as long in the winter as it is in the summer, and so the glasses — assuming they work as claimed — would provide some additional light and help get rids of those winter blues. Light can then be used to adjust your circadian rhythm and such.

The device is being funded on Indiegogo, where the maker sought $50,000 USD in funding and has thus far raised about $63,000 USD with 32 days remaining. The planned retail price is $299 USD, but the campaign is offering the Ayo headset at $169 USD to backers. The shipping, assuming all goes as planned, will start in December of this year.

SOURCE: Indiegogo