Axiom Audiobyte - it's been called the Bentley of PC speakers

Personally, if I create a device, and it's the best there is, I don't want it likened to a Bentley, in the car world, that's small potatoes, liken my product to a McLaren F1, a Bugatti Veyron, or a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, not a Bentley. Then again, these don't really appear to be even in the Bentley league, maybe the BMW of the audio world.

In fact these look like that house on the corner that used to be condemned but someone came along and threw a new paint job on it and is now selling it for a small fortune. These speakers claim to be of audiophile quality, and it sounds like they are even trying to compare their product to those $400 Bose PC speakers, but they look quite cheap.

Sure, they have various finishes including real wood for the boisterous price of $559, oh, and the subwoofer, which will cost you extra, a $179 extra. I have yet to hear or even see this speakers in real life, so they may actually be worth it, but for now, if I get close to $700 to spend on a PC speaker system, I am going to the closest place that retails Klipsch or Polk Audio products, not some company in Canada that I've never even heard of.

Axiom Audiobyte: The Bentley of PC speakers [via news]