Awesome wearable Lego minifig space helmet reads comics

Shane McGlaun - Apr 25, 2011
Awesome wearable Lego minifig space helmet reads comics

Lego is perhaps the greatest of all geek toys ever invented. The things you can make out of Lego are limitless and with the right vision and the correct blocks and servos you can make just about anything and have the finished contraption actually work. We talked about a couple really cool Lego devices that some geeks built late last week. I really liked the Lego assembly line setup the best out of those cool offerings last week.

Designer Jonathan Robson has designed something that is Lego, but is not made from Lego bricks, which is more than a bit strange sounding. I would bet anyone that played with Lego as a kid or an adult will recognize the helmet Robson made as being the same style that the little Lego minifigs in space and other environments would wear. Robson created this helmet complete with a gold flip down visor for kids to play pretend with, but the thing does more too.

The helmet has speakers inside that are use to read kids audio comics that are Lego themed. Once the helmet is purchased and the kid is subscribed to the audio comics, a new print issue will come in the mail with a code that allows the downloading of the audio file. The helmet has a USB port on the back that a Lego flash drive is plugged into and then the audio plays back inside the helmet. Controls on the side of the helmet operate the volume and allow the user to skip forward and backwards in the pages. This is so cool!

[via Jonathan Robson]

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