Awesome R2-D2 creation flies like a rocket

As a huge fan of Star Wars going way back to the 80s when all the toys were all any kid wanted for Christmas, I am a big fan of R2-D2. I always liked the little droid as much as any of the other characters in the films. R2 could fly on occasion in the new films with little rocket boosters that come out of his shiny metal legs. A geek has made a flying version of R2-D2 and it looks fantastic.

Rather than having some sort of rocket boosters on the flying R2, the builder, one Otto Dieffenbach, hid a quad copter inside the head of the droid. Rather than being a solid dome like R2 in the films, this flying drone version has a head that is made up of two flat surfaces attached like a "+" with air for the quad copter sucked inside.

The builder made the flying R2 to show off at Comic-Con in San Diego and the flying robot will certainly impress geeks at the show. If he could make the dome of the R2-D2 clone solid somehow, it would look exactly like the movie.

You'll have to check out the video to see the flying droid in action. It appears that the slightly larger than life R-2 creation flies and hovers very well. It must be made of some very light materials. All I want to know is when can we buy kits to build our own.

SOURCE: Gizmodo