Awesome mice designed by Aaron Ristau combine old typewriter keys and Logitech M305 mouse

If you need a cool mouse to go with that steampunk laptop you pre-ordered, Aaron Ristau has the rodent for you. The dude makes these cool looking little mice with old fashioned keys from typewriters and what appear to be chrome dishes that remind me of hubcaps from cars of the 50's and 60's.

I particularly like the version of the mouse with the spikes on the side rather than the ring. The design looks really cool, but they aren't exactly ergonomic. The actual mouse workings of the cool peripherals are a Logitech M305 wireless mouse. You do have to remove three screws from the top of the mouse to get at the battery that powers the Logitech rodent inside.

The Wireless Mouse Version 2 from Aaron Ristau comes in several painted colors. Ristau will even allow you to choose specific keys to use for the left and right mouse buttons if you want and assuming they are available. Each of the mice will cost $180 plus shipping. They aren't cheap, but steampunk geeks will want one nonetheless.