Awesome Hublot La Cle Du Temps watch debuts

I am not a watch wearer, I have said that many times. I do like to look at some of these awesome watch designs like the Hublot La Cle Du Temps "key of time" watch here. This thing is so cool it hurts. If Darth Vader had an awesome watch, this would be it.

The awesome watch is a follow up to one that was apparently designed with the Predator in mind with a dial meant to look like a brain. I don't see any resemblance to a brain or the Predator in the new design. All I see is a crazy watch with a really sweet design.

The watch has a control on the side that will slow down or speed up time. Why you world want to do that is beyond me. The watch will always remember the correct time though. An exact price is unknown, but it is said to go in the high six-figure range.

Via ABlogtoRead