Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 wraps up by breaking records

Annual video game speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick wrapped up over the weekend, and by the end of it all, it was able to claim the title of biggest GDQ ever. AGDQ 2019 ended its week-long marathon early Sunday morning with an impressive train of donations, and in the end, it managed to raise more than $2.3 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Those who make a habit of watching Games Done Quick marathons know that hitting $2 million in total donations isn't anything new. The first Games Done Quick marathon to surpass $2 million in donations was AGDQ 2017, and since then, most of these GDQ marathons have surpassed that point. Still, AGDQ 2019 raised just a little bit more than any GDQ marathon that came before it, hitting a final tally of $2,399,255.00.

To get to that point, 46395 people donated an average of $51.71, which is impressive any way you want to slice it. Though it seemed that AGDQ 2019 might lag behind the previous record holder – AGDQ 2018 – channel subscriptions and Twitch bits donated throughout the week were added to total at the end of the marathon. The money raised from subscriptions and bits totaled $217,226.12, which in the end made AGDQ 2019 pull ahead of AGDQ 2018 by just about $100,000.

At the end of the marathon, Games Done Quick organizers announced that Summer Games Done Quick – another annual marathon that raises money for Doctors Without Borders – will take place in Bloomberg, Minnesota from June 23 to June 30. They also revealed that Awesome Games Done Quick will be changing locations next year, moving from Virginia (where it's been held for a number of years) to Orlando, Florida.

You can catch up on the speedruns you missed by checking out GDQ's YouTube channel. The organization is currently in the process of uploading videos of all the runs performed during the event, which is something that could take a few more days, so sit tight.