AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is crazy thin for portability

Shane McGlaun - May 26, 2010
AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is crazy thin for portability

I am not a big fan of working from laptops when I can help it. I don’t like to look down at the screen; I want the screen to be eye level with me. When I do travel and have to work on a laptop I like to take a laptop stand with me to raise the screen a bit. The problem is that fitting most laptop stands into a laptop bag is difficult.

AViiQ has announced a new laptop stand called the Portable laptop Stand that is only ¼” thick when you fold it down. The stand raises the screen 12-degrees to reduce stress on the neck and the wrists when typing. The angle of the stand lets air get under the notebook as well helping to cool powerful systems that tend to run hot.

The stand is made from a material called Hylite. Hylite is a composite material that is made from aluminum sheets bonded to a polypropylene core. The aluminum is then milled off leaving a flexible material that is very portable. You can pick the stand up now for $79.99.


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