Aviiq outs new line of portable and stylish notebook and iPad gear

Back in May of 2010 Aviiq unveiled a sweet new laptop stand that was really thin and has a very attractive design. The stand was called the Aviiq Portable Laptop stand. Aviiq has unveiled a new line of portable accessories for the iPad and for notebook computers at CeBIT 2011. The line includes a new version of that laptop stand from last year with new colors.

The Portable Laptop Stand was originally only offered in silver. You can now get it in satin silver, satin titanium, satin black, and satin white colors. It has the same folding design and quarter inch thickness making it very portable. New gear includes the Aviiq Portable Quick Stand that looks a lot like that laptop stand. The Quick Stand weighs 3.5 ounces and is 3/8 of an inch thick when folded. It will support notebooks up to 17-inches.

The Aviiq Portable Case Stand for iPad is a four-position case for the iPad that has two stands that will hold the iPad in landscape or portrait mode for watching video and at a much lower angle for typing on the screen. Aviiq also has a new Portable USB Charging station that allows three USB devices to charge from a single wall outlet. The devices can also be synced to a computer with a single data connection. Pricing is as follows; Portable Quick Stand ($39.99), Portable Case Stand for iPad ($59.99), USB Charging Station ($99.99), Original Portable Laptop Stand ($59.99) and the new shades of the Portable Laptop Stand ($79.99). All of the new gear will ship this month.