Avi-on Bluetooth light switch sticks to any wall

Imagine deciding you would like a light switch at some specific place in your home where no switch exists, and being able to add it simply by sticking a switch to the wall like a giant Bluetooth-toting sticker, no cutting or wiring necessary. Such is the nature of Avi-on, the latest product in the growing number of home-centric connected devices. The Avi-on light switch works in conjunction with various GE connected devices, including its Bluetooth light bulbs and Plug-In Smart Dimmer, and is joined by a mobile app.

The makers hail their product as the first-ever movable light switch that is completely wireless. Once in place, it can be used to control a specific light by pairing it to a bulb or other compatible object over Bluetooth. From there it works as any ordinary switch would, with both dimming and on/off.

Because the light switch is without wiring, it is powered by battery, which the maker says will run for three years before needing replaced. The switch has a range of 100ft., and can be used in conjunction with the Avi-on Android and iOS apps for things like grouping devices, making schedules, and more.

Unfortunately, you'll not be able to run out and buy one of the Avi-on switches right now, as it is still being funded. The company has elected to go the crowd-funding route, which isn't surprising; it is seeking $80,000, and currently has nearly $30,000 from backers. Those who back the project with $59 USD will get one switch and one plug-in smart dimmer.

VIA: Engadget