Avenum Ravn X Autonomous Launch Vehicle launches satellites

A company called Avenum has unveiled a new autonomous launch vehicle called the Ravn X. The launch system is designed to put satellites into space as quickly as every 180 minutes. The company has partnered with the United States Space Force, which also took part in the autonomous aircraft's unveiling.

Jay Skylus, founder and CEO of Avenum, says that his company is reimagining access to space. Skylus says that his company is pushing logistics into the next generation using software and automation technologies. The system his company created will provide extremely fast access to low Earth orbit.

Lead time for launches is shortened from years to months, and Avenum says when customers demand it, the launch can be ready in minutes. The Autonomous Launch system involves a global, fully-autonomous, self-flying, self-managing, self-operating intelligent system dubbed the autonomous logic architecture that works to deliver payloads from any terrestrial region to any space destination in low Earth orbit.

The system's autonomous architecture can optimize every launch taking into account critical factors like weather, air traffic, orbital destination, payload weight, ground crew schedules, and other complicated logistical processes for a seamless end-to-end service. The Ravn X autonomous aircraft itself needs a one-mile-long runway and 8000 square-foot hanger for operation.

The aircraft is powered by jet fuel and works exactly like an airplane. The aircraft can operate as fast as every 180 minutes continuously with no risk to human life. Ravn X is 70 percent reusable out of the gate and will be 95 percent reusable in the near future. Avenum says it's already profitable and generating revenue. The company is also on track for its first launch with the US Space Force with the ASLON-45 mission.