Avengers: Age of Ultron poster puzzle pieces converge

At the time this article is first published, there are 4 of 8 total pieces prepared for a full-on super-massive concept art poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron. This movie will feature an army of Iron Man-made automatons which you'll see coming down upon the Avengers in a vast sea of death. And that's just what we can see so far!

Panel 3: Above and near the middle you'll find Black Widow with some electrified punching gloves. Regardless of the massive gap in power between her and the rest of the team (save Hawkeye), she's ready to shock the masses with a thump.

Panel 5: In the lower-left you'll see Iron Man tossing some pain at a single Ultron bot while another scratches and pulls at his helmet. This is not a very likely situation – nor are the rest of these images – as letting so many of these bots in on the team at such close quarters would not serve them especially well.

Panel 6: Next you'll see Captain America being pulled apart with his new suit – helmet and all. Here you'll also see some extra red glow in the mouth of one of the Ultron bots – whether or not this red light will mean anything outside of aesthetics, we do not yet know.

Panel 7: Scarlet Witch is shown next in what might very well be Elizabeth Olsen's first show of power. Her power is the most complicated of the bunch, and always has been: the ability to alter reality. Alternate descriptions of her powers include Probability Manipulation and Chaos Magic.

Finally you'll see our puzzle constructed as far as it's been released so far. Have you seen one of the final pieces? Let us know via @SlashGear or in comments below! More Ryan Meinerding, Andy Park, and more on the way!

Click the image above for a much larger iteration – it's worth seeing up close and personal! And stay tuned to SlashGear's SDCC tag portal as we continue to fill the panels as they appear! Our guesses for the rest include Panel 1: Quicksilver, Panel 2: Thor, Panel 4: The Hulk, and Panel 8: Hawkeye. Any guesses why? Spot the clues!

UPDATE July 25, 11AM: Surprise! It's Hawkeye! We'll be seeing at least one more update today from Marvel as word has it their booth will be dishing out two today. Hawkeye looks like he's concerned – as he should be, regardless of the inordinate amount of arrows his skewered up his opponents with.

Updated poster above as well. Now we've just got The Hulk, Thor, and Quicksilver to wait for!

Next you'll see Quicksilver floating through the crowd with a mystery figure in the background. Take a peek up close – you know what that's all about? Seems like that might be some sort of ... android in green, yellow, and red!

Take a peek up close if you dare. Hint – his name starts with a V.

Above you'll find our main man Thor taking on the masses with Mjolnir for great justice. Just look at those silky smooth locks!

Finally we have the beast. The Hulk – who does not like to be made angry. And these puny tin men make Hulk angry!

Above you'll see the finished product. Tap or click for a larger version, and don't be surprised if the final product is made available as a single poster in the near future. Marvel has suggested that the individual posters will never be made available outside of SDCC, but we'll see!