Avegant Glyph high-res wearable display with headphones pans for crowdfunding

Chris Burns - Dec 18, 2013
Avegant Glyph high-res wearable display with headphones pans for crowdfunding

There’s a team of creators out there this week aiming for their piece of the wearable market pie with a device called Glyph. The company goes by the name Avegant and the device looks like a hefty pair of headphones with a visor that pulls down like Geordie LaForge from Star Trek. You’ll be looking through a couple of eye-holes here with a portal to a whole new world.

This headset works with that the company calls a “Virtual Retinal Display”, that being one that uses mirrors to reflect images directly into your eye. This technology allows you to see as natural an image as the company is able to make possible, working with 2 million micromirrors to shine light into your eye.

In this case, retinal means something a bit more eye-direct than the Retina Display term we’re used to via Apple. This is not that.


So what you get is not so much a display as it is a virtual projection, so to speak. According to Avegant, this technique will allow you to use the device for long periods of time without needing a rest.

The other seemingly excellent feature of this headset is that it works with content that’s already out in the world. Early playtesters have worked with everything from 3D movies to PlayStation 3 games, and we can only hope for the best when we get a closer look ourselves at this first full-fledged product at CES 2014.

You know what that means? It means you’re going to want to stay glued to our CES 2014 tag portal for more – starting on January 7th officially – but we’ll be there early!

Soon after you’ll be seeing the Glyph headset released to Kickstarter – they’ll be launching on the 22nd of January, if you like to know. have a peek!

VIA: The Verge, Engadget, Avegant

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