Avatar sets stage for 3D TV debut says In-Stat

Anyone who has seen Avatar knows that the film is amazing and is probably the best thing to happen to 3D films ever. The movie lured people to the theater who have probably never seen a 3D film before. Research firm In-Stat has released a new report that claims Avatar and other 3D films are set to help push 3D TV into the home.

With CES wrapping up last weekend it was easy to see that 3D TV was a huge deal at the show with a massive amount of 3D ready Blu-ray players, TVs, projectors and more introduced. More importantly, there were several announcements of 3D broadcast channels coming to TV.

After films like Avatar and CES wrapped up In-Stat has conducted research that has found that 64% of consumers are interested somewhat in 3D in the home. Consumers who have seen a 3D movie in the last year, the interest is much higher at 76%. In-Stat predicts 3D TV shipments will reach 41 million in 2014 and shipments of 3D Blu-ray players will track closely with shipments of 3D TVs.