AVADirect announces world’s first quad NVIDIA Tesla server system

Craig Lloyd - Jan 18, 2013
AVADirect announces world’s first quad NVIDIA Tesla server system

AVADirect, a company that specializes in custom-built computers, laptops, and server systems, has announced a world’s first. Their new 2U four-way server system is the first of its kind to house four NVIDIA Tesla graphics cards. The company says that “never has the industry seen or utilized such a solution,” until now.

AVADirect also partnered up with ASUS and used the company’s ESC4000 G2 Black 2U server platform to bring some respectable hardware to these new server units. On the inside, you can store up to 512GB of DDR3 RAM, with room for eight PCI-E 3.0 16x expansion cards (including those four Tesla units).

You’ll also find eight SATA ports with multiple RAID configurations, eight hot-swappable hard drive bays, and a 1+1 Redundant 1,620W 80PLUS Platinum power supply. That’s certainly a lot of firepower that must be treated carefully. AVADirect says that these new units are meant for render farms, imagine generators, rack-mounted graphics workstations, and multi-display workstations.

Of course, AVADirect will let you customize the new server system to fit your needs, and their website offers a ton of different configurations. However, the company’s recommended build costs just shy of $5,250, so if you’re serious about getting some major computing power in your hands, you better be saving up right this instant.

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