AVADirect Announces Availability of NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround Technology in Core i7 PCs

So, NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology seems to be making the rounds as of late. Not that that's a bad thing at all — we're actually glad to see the prominently dependable and fantastic tech being utilized on as many systems as possible. And with today's announcement from AVADirect, that's just another hardware manufacturer working to bring the best pieces of the market into one frame.

As the title suggests, AVADirect is introducing NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround technology into their Intel Core i7 gaming PCs. The whole idea from NVIDIA is to give the gamer a full, interactive and immersed experience. And, what better way to do that than drop them in a beautifully rendered 3D environment? And with the introduction of the GeForce GTX 400 GPUs, the experience will run as seamlessly as any gamer would want it to be.

With the technology, you will be able to put up to three monitors, all of which must be 3D Vision Ready (of course). And with the GTX 400, you'll be able to experience 750M pixels per second on those three displays, equal to 5760x1080. Check out the full press release below, and then go ahead and start dreaming up your favorite dream machine.

Press Release:

Twinsburg, OH – July 6, 2010

AVADirect, a well renowned custom computer manufacturer introduces NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround Technology into its Core i7 Gaming PC.

NVIDIA 3D Technology provides an interactive experience for the gaming enthusiast for a totally immersive experience. With the introduction of the GeForce GTX 400 GPU's, 3D Vision and three displays comprised into NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround Gaming System; the performance is unparallel. The NVIDIA 3D Vision automatically converts hundreds of games to stereoscopic 3D without the needs for special game patches in conjunction to being compatible with all 3D Vision Ready desktop monitor and projectors. GeForce GTX 400 GPUs deliver the graphics horsepower to drive 750M pixels/second for screen 3 times Full HD 1080p 3D Vision gaming for an incredible 5760x1080 experience. NVIDIA has once again set the standard for the 3D visual experience.

"NVIDIA continues to raise the standard within the industry for visual performance to create an unparallel experience to gamers of all levels, this time with their 3D Technology. As a custom computer manufacturer, we are ecstatic to introduce this revolutionary visual technology into our Core i7 Gaming PC to provide to the consumer the ultimate visual experience" says Misha Troshin, CMO and Co-Owner of AVADirect.

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