AutoScan FM Transmitter makes in-car MP3 easy

FM transmitters are, in theory, a great idea.  Rather than mess around with some sort of cable interface to pipe your music through your car stereo, just plug a transmitter dongle into your PMP and tune in to enjoy your music.  Thing is, in the crowded FM frequency band it can be tricky sometimes finding the best settings; the low-power transmitter is easily overwhelmed by normal radio stations.  That's where iStuff's iCast comes in – it has an autoscan feature that identifies the clearest band all by itself.

Power can be either from a single AAA battery – lasting 18 hours and making it eminently portable – or, if you're in the car for a longer period of time, from the included 12v cigarette lighter socket adapter.  Unlike many of these transmitters, the iCast isn't solely for use with an iPod: it has a standard headphone plug so can be used with any device with the right socket.

It also has space for four presets, so if you find an enduringly good channel you can save it for easy recall later.  The LCD display makes it easy to tune your car radio in, and should you unplug or turn off your MP3 player without shutting off the iCast it'll automatically power down in 55 seconds.

It's available for pre-order now for £29.99 ($60.50)

Product Page [via Electronista]