Automatic Pro connected car adapter launches with 3G support

Automatic has unveiled its third-generation connected car adapter – dubbed the Automatic Pro – and though it's similar in many ways to previous iterations, there's one rather major difference this time around. The Automatic Pro will be coming with 3G functionality, allowing for a greater amount of connectivity between users and their cars.

Even better is that this 3G functionality comes with no monthly service fee, so you just need to pay the upfront cost of the device and then you're good to go. Automatic says the 3G connectivity of Automatic Pro opens up a whole slew of options that weren't available to customers before.

Chief among these options is perhaps the Automatic Pro's improved Crash Alert. Assuming Crash Alert is enabled and the Automatic Pro can get a cellular signal, Crash Alert will be ready to detect serious crashes and provide your location to emergency services. 3G should also help improve the Automatic Pro's vehicle diagnostic tools, giving you specific details when your check engine light rears its ugly head.

Always-on 3G connectivity means real-time car location reporting, too, so no more trying to remember where you parked or wondering if your kids are really going where they say they are. The Automatic App, which still features the App Gallery found in previous iterations, has also been revamped, now offering users built-in IFTTT functionality.

One final benefit of unlimited 3G is that Automatic will now be able to give users a more comprehensive snapshot of their driving habits, which they can then compare to the rest of the Automatic Pro users out there. The Automatic Pro comes with a price tag of $129.95 and is available now through Best Buy, Amazon, and

SOURCE: Automatic