Auto Stop-Start Technology by Ford Heading to the US in 2012

Saving money on gas is one thing, but having a car that doesn't go through fuel like its not a precious commodity is also part of the equation. Ford announced today their plans to bring their Auto Stop-Start Technology to the United States in 2012. Also called idle-stop technology, or even microhybrid, it's designed to turn off the engine when the car is not in motion. The electrical system stays on, so you'll still have music and heat, but the engine will be off. As soon as the driver puts their foot back on the gas, the engine fires back up, and they can be on their way.

The technology is actually used by Ford in their current-generation hybrid vehicles, like the Ford Fusion. As Ford puts it, the company will be bringing the technology to the United States in 2012 in other vehicles, like their standard diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles. That means crossovers and SUVs will be getting the treatment as well. With the system in place, Ford says that fuel efficiency can be increased from anywhere between 4 and 10 percent.

Ford plans on introducing Auto Stop-Start Technology into every country in which they operate. In Europe, the technology is already in place in different models.

[via CNET]