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Cat Power Bike

Now Caterpillar, the renowned maker of big yellow tractors, has created a distinctive machine that’s sure to let everyone know you ain’t no desk jockey. Built to Caterpillar’s specs by Orange County Choppers, the Cat Chopper is like an industrial earth mover on two wheels.

Zeno deals with pimples

The Zeno uses heat to destroy the bacteria that cause acne. Just hold the tip against the offending site for up to two-and-a-half minutes — a tone sounds to let you know when treatment is done. Up to three treatments can be applied to a single site in a 24-hour period.

Ozone-Free Laser Printers from Kyocera

Kyocera’s new range of workgroup A4/A3 laser printers are ozone-free, embodying the company’s vision of low environmental impact products. This quartet of low-noise, monochrome laser printers are able to churn out 45 pages per minute at 1200 dpi, with double-sided/PC-less laser printing as well. It is made from Kyocera’s ECOSYS components for a low lifetime cost. It comes with an extra USB port that reads flash drives to print PDF files directly. A single toner provides up to 20,000 pages of printing.

Compact-sized Genus VIZO PMP

The Genus VIZO is an extremely compact personal media player, measuring just 65mm x 65mm x 18mm and weighing a mere 95g. MP3, OGG, and WMA support is included, while you can also view JPEG photos and watch MPEG4, MPEG1, MPEG2, DivX, and AVI movies on it.

Samsung, Microsoft creates hybrid drive

Samsung has developed a hybrid flash/platter hard drive that will be released later this year, offering PCs instant-on capabilities. You can sneak a preview at WinHEC later this month, where the drive works in tandem with Microsoft’s “Windows ReadyDrive” technology. This will enable Windows Vista PCs equipped with the hybrid drive a faster boot time, offering better power management simultaneously.

Radial iPod Speaker System

The JBL Radial is a high-performance entertainment dock that was built specifically for the iPod. It delivers powerful high and mid-frequency sound, and distortion free bass in a single 60 watt device. Both black and white versions come with chrome accents, adding to the iPod sophistication.

Xbox 360 HD DVD drive

You connect it to the Xbox 360 via the mini-USB port, while the remaining two USB ports turn the drive into a USB hub. The HD DVD drive bundle comes with the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote. As at press time, there are no details regarding the release date, price, HDCP compliance, or an HDMI cable to plug into the 360.

TViX M-3100U Video Machine

The TViX M-3100U is a beautifully designed HDD media player/recorder device that supports up to 1080i HD output via the component output cables. However, there are no digital DVI or HDMI ports on this box. Video support includes DivX 3.x/4.x/5.x, XviD, MPG, DAT, and DVD files stored as VOB and IFO files, or as an ISO image. Audio formats of choice are MP3, WMA and Ogg.

Xbox accessories compatible with PC

Good news for those whose gaming platform of choice is the Xbox 360 and the PC! Microsoft announced that upcomung and current Xbox 360 wireless accessories such as the gamepad, steering wheel, and headset, will be compatible with Windows XP. Just download the proprietary wireless USB receiver and you’re good to go.

Mouse within a mouse

This World Cup 2006 USB Twin Mouse will be riding on the World Cup fever for sales, and the manufacturers have cleverly inserted a gimmick to boost sales – uncover the bottom of the mouse to reveal yet ANOTHER mouse within! This 800dpi USB optical mouse offers you the flexibility of choosing between a standard mouse and a mini mouse that is more suitable for travelers, depending on your desktop space.

Medion releases 4 new navigation devices

Medion has released the MDPNA 500, MDPNA 510 (TMC), MDPNA 514 (Bluetooth) and MDPNA 515 (Bluetooth and TMC) which will be available on the French market soon. The MDPNA 500 is powered by a 300MHz Samsung processor and the SiRFStar III GPS chip. The MDPNA 510 betters the MDPNA 500 with the inclusion of the TMC module that covers most of Western Europe. The MDPNA 515 is the high end model, offering the TMC module and Bluetooth connectivity, an image viewer, MP3 player, and a cartography of Western Europe including France.

Motorola unveils PVOT concept phone

The Motorola PVOT is a hand crank phone that offers one minute of usage after a sweat-inducing 25 cranks. Talk about working for your airtime! The hand crank charges the single AA rechargeable battery inside, and the PVOT comes with a 125 x 125 dot matrix LCD and an “Eraser Shield” keypad. It is still unknown whether this concept will make it into production, but should that happen, it will be a boon to developing third world countries in bridging the communications gap.

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