AuthenTec unveils new AES2660 fingerprint sensor for PCs and peripherals

I used to have a Dell notebook that had a fingerprint scanner on it. I really liked the idea of being able to login by swiping my finger rather than typing a password. In reality, the sensor was so inaccurate that it took multiple swipes before it would recognize my fingerprint so I never used it. AuthenTec has a new fingerprint sensor aimed a notebooks and peripherals that promises to be accurate.

The sensor is the AES2660 smart fingerprint sensor, it works as a fingerprint scanner, and offers touch functionality. The new sensor has LED drivers for different LED light offerings and supports TrueNav cursor and menu functions. That means that the sensor can also act as a mouse cursor controller.

The sensor reads beneath the skin to allow accurate readings each time. Other features of the sensor include battery-friendly modes for notebooks and a sensing array that has 192 columns and 8-row pixel sensing good for images up to 500 dpi. The sensor is set to ship this quarter in volume.