Australia gets new Xbox 360 and PS3

Emily Price - Aug 18, 2008
Australia gets new Xbox 360 and PS3

Australian gamers have two reasons to be excited this morning. Today Microsoft is releasing a new upgraded Xbox 360, and Sony has officially confirmed a release date and pricing for the 80GB PS3.

The new Xbox 360 Pro is available in Australia starting today, the upgraded 360 has a 60GB hard drive and is selling for $499. Previously the 20GB Xbox 360 Pro was selling for $499.

If Xbox isn’t your thing, Sony has announced an official release date for their 80GB PS3 in Australia. The 80GB PS3 will be available for Australian customers on August 28th for $699. The PS3 also marks a pretty significant price drop given the 40GB version also sells for $699.

[via IGN]

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