Austin Powers Fembot is Up For Auction

Staff Editor - Sep 27, 2006

Yeah baby! If you are a big fan of Austin Powers and have some greens to spare, you will be happy to know that The FemBot of Vanessa Kensington is up for auction on ebay. The original prop was used in Austin Powers sequel “The Spy Who Shagged Me”.

“The Fembot of Vanessa Kensington from the motion picture, Austin Powers 2, “The Spy Who Shagged Me”. This silicon puppet weighs approximately 30lbs and is the original that was used in the movie. All silicon skin with a fiberglass plastic shell interior for the face. Face is wired with lights inside the eyes and mouth area. Works with a 9 volt battery. Punched hair. Also, there are holes where the nipples would be. This is where the special FX dept rigged gun barrels to pop out and shoot blanks. This prop does not include gun barrels or any equipment used on that effect. But it would be a simple task to rig fake ones as seen in the shot. This prop has been packed and stored since it’s debut and is in mint condition. Originally cost over $20,000 to make.”

Austin Powers Fem Bot Movie Prop Dummy Original [via random good stuff, auction page at ebay]

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