Aussies will get a WRX Sportswagon making Americans jealous

Years back, Subaru offered a wagon version of the WRX with a hatchback that was the most desirable model for many Subaru fans. Subaru ended the five-door version of the WRX, making it only available as a sedan in the US for several years. Subaru has confirmed recently that Australians will get a version of the new 2022 WRX in Sportswagon form.

Many American WRX fans will be frothing at the mouth, hoping Subaru brings the vehicle to the states. Confirmation of the wagon version of the WRX for Australia came via a teaser video that confirmed that version. Subaru's Australian teaser also confirmed the specifications for the car.

Power comes from a 2.4-liter direct-injected turbocharged boxer four-cylinder. The engine is paired with a Sport Lineartronic performance transmission featuring eight speeds and paddle shifters. Of course, we know that to be Subarus maligned CVT transmission. One bit of disappointment for Aussies is that there is no indication a manual will be offered.

In the states, Subaru does offer the WRX sedan with a six-speed manual standard. While Subaru has not specifically confirmed it would never offer the Sportswagon version in the US, the 2022 WRX is official here, and there has been no mention of the five-door version.

Subaru fans would certainly welcome the five-door car with a manual transmission. The last WRX hatchback sold in the US was in 2014. Many saw it as a more practical version of the WRX with more cargo capacity while still offering performance. Unfortunately, for some Subaru fans, the 2022 WRX isn't the most attractive version ever offered. Specifically, many fans have a problem with the wheel arches in black plastic.