Aussies can get emoji license plates

Shane McGlaun - Feb 22, 2019, 7:26 am CST
Aussies can get emoji license plates

It’s hard to have a conversation via text or see a post on social media that isn’t accompanied by an emoji. Emoji are the little smiley faces and other icons that are added to spice up conversations and posts. Drivers in Queensland, Australia will soon be able to get custom plates with emoji characters on them.

The emoji aren’t part of the car’s identification, meaning cops won’t need to call in a tag for checking and say “smiley face, heart eyes emoji, 2-3-4.” There are limits to the emoji you can use.

That means no pile of poo emoji can be used. Options that are available include the laugh out loud emoji, winking emoji, sunglasses “cool” emoji, and the regular smiley face.

No one seems bothered by the addition of emoji to license plates. A spokeswoman for the Royale Automobile Club of Queensland says that the emoji are no different from putting a sports team’s logo on your plate.

Some are annoyed that the full range of emoji isn’t available. The poo emoji would likely be a popular one. The plates are costly at the equivalent of $340 and will certainly help fill city coffers.

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