Aussie space balloon launch goes off reservation, car killed

Shane McGlaun - Apr 30, 2010
Aussie space balloon launch goes off reservation, car killed

A group of scientist in Australia were trying to launch a balloon with a scientific payload when things went wrong. The conditions were described as calm at the Alice Springs Airport at the time of the incident, but judging from the video posted of the crash, the winds were far from calm at the time.

The balloon appeared to be anchored to a crane and when it came loose the payload drug across the ground causing a number of Aussie scientists to soil themselves en masse. All I’m saying is that judging by the folks running from that massive metal payload, there were some skivvies as equally wrecked as that balloon.

The thing that really has me curious though is how the heck will the person who owns the car that got smashed explain that to the insurance company. Someone should have considered that winds aloft can be an issue when launching a gigantic balloon. check out the video here. Look for that one guy in the background walking calmly as a giant balloon o’ death pummels a car right in front of him, balls o’ steel I tell you, I bet it was Russell Crow.

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