August View Video Doorbell Back Up For Sale After Beleaguered Launch

It's been a strange year for the August View video doorbell. It launched early on in the year, at the beginning of April, but then a few weeks later August decided to halt sales of the device and start issuing refunds. At the time, the company blamed "performance challenges" in some environments, saying that it would have the doorbell back on sale once it smoothed out the issues.

After August View sales halted, we went through the entire summer and much of autumn with no word from August about when the doorbell would be returning to shelves. Fast forward to today and the August View has suddenly reappeared, with the issues that plagued its launch presumably fixed.

August's blog post announcing the View's return doesn't go into much detail regarding the issues users were having before the device was pulled, but the company does explain what it did to fix things. The company says that it's updated the August View's software to address those performance challenges, so the doorbell should work better across a variety of use cases.

On top of that, August boasts that the View now has "improved connectivity reliability, higher video quality, faster notifications and quicker device wake-up time," so it sounds like the doorbell has been improved in more ways than one.

If you're so inclined, you can now pick up the wireless View from August's website for $229.00, though folks in need of more information should check out our review of the device first. It'll be interesting to see how the doorbell performs after such a long time of unavailability – will it benefit from this time away, or have its potential customers moved on to something different by now?