August Smart Lock Mortise Kit is the first of its kind in North America

August has introduced its new August Smart Lock Mortise Kit, the first product in North America that converts a mortise style lock into a smart lock. This mortise kit works with the August Smart Lock, and brings the same functionality we've previously detailed. Though the name is likely unfamiliar, most people have used these lock styles before — they're commonly found in commercial office buildings, schools, and similar places.

The ordinary August Smart Lock features a single-cylinder deadbolt, which is commonly the style used on homes in North America. However, August CEO Jason Johnson said the company has had 'significant interest' from locksmiths, builders and others about using this smart lock with mortise style locks. "Our goal is to be compatible with all door locks and deliver the benefits of August Access to everyone."

This lock could revolutionize things for commercial buildings and companies. For example, a multi-unit apartment building manager can, after installing these locks, access units via Bluetooth and remotely control the locks over WiFi, among other things. Residents who accidentally lock themselves out can be easily let back in without a personal visit from the manager or a locksmith.

The Mortise Kit features both an adapter and a mounting plate that enables the August Smart Lock to be installed and used with the existing exterior door hardware, says August. Because of this, the regular lock key can also be used at times when a smartphone may not be available. Property managers, developers, and certified locksmiths will be offered the mortise kit at $100 and have the option of volume discounts, while everyone else can get it for $229 USD.