August Pokemon GO PvP Great League 10 Best picks

Today we're taking a peek at the 10 best Pokemon in Pokemon GO for the Great League in PvP. The Great League in the game right this minute includes all Pokemon CP 1500 and lower. The latest update to the PvP Pokemon GO Battle League system makes the Pokemon Azumarill the absolute ruler of the game – just so long as you're using two of the three: Bubble, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump!

The best, 10 to 2

10. Meganium. This Grass Type Pokemon is best with Vine Whip and Earthquake right out the gate. Almost identical in power to this Pokemon in this format is a Shadow Abomasnow, just so long as you're using a combination of two of the following: Powder Snow, Weather Ball (Ice), and Energy Ball.

9 and 8. Shadow Machamp and Shadow Raikou. Shadow Machamp you should roll with Counter and Rock Slide. Shadow Raikou use a combination of two of the following three: Thunder Shock, Wild Charge, Shadow Ball.

7, 6, 5. Stunfisk (Galarian) with Mud Shot and either Rock Slide or Earthquake. Dewgong is best when pushing Ice Shard with either Icy Wind or Water Pulse. Swampert is number 5 so long as it's a SHADOW Swampert, and it's got Mud Shot and either Hydro Cannon or Water Pulse.

4. Deoxys (Defense). Deoxys is generally a pretty GREAT Pokemon to use in any PvP, in any form, but the most ideal version for this situation is the Defense Deoxys with Counter, Psycho Boost, and Rock Slide (or, obviously, just two of those three).

3. A surprise, to be sure, number 3 right now, according to PvPoke rankings is Scrafty! You'll want Counter for the fast move for sure, then either Foul Play or Power-Up Punch for the charged move. Make sure you're NOT using Acid Spray – because it's junk.

2. Umbreon. The most Dark Type Eevee of all! This Pokemon should use Snarl for the fast move, but Feint Attack is pretty much just as good. The key is using Foul Play as the charged move. You could also have Last Resort, though it's an exclusive move that your Umbreon most likely does NOT have. Dark Pulse is pretty much as OK as Last Resort – Foul Play is the best choice here for charged moves.

The best Great League Pokemon in PvP for Pokemon GO

The current best all-round Pokemon for the Great League in Pokemon GO is Azumarill. You'll need to roll with Bubble as the fast move, then either Ice Beam or Hydro Pump for the charged move. Unless your opponent is set to fight Azumarill specifically, you'll basically dominate. This monster is set for ultimate destruction, water style.