Audio Up will turn classic Stephen King story into a dark, scripted podcast

Stephen King fans can rejoice: Audio Up has teamed with iHeartMedia to turn one of the author's older, lesser-known stories into a limited scripted podcast series. The audio show will include multiple voice actors, making it more of an audio dramatization than the kind of production one typically thinks of as a podcast.

The scripted podcast series will be an adaptation of Stephen King's short story Strawberry Spring, one of the titles included in the 1978 anthology Night Shift. The story, which is best described as a dark mystery rather than an outright horror novel, is one of King's lesser-known works, making it a great option for an entirely new series.

The new podcast series will come from Audio Up Media, a production company, as well as podcast publisher iHeartMedia and television producer Lee Metzger. The scripted adaptation will include multiple voice actors, among them Milo Ventimiglia, Garrett Hedlund, Ken Marino, Herizen F. Guardiola, Sydney Sweeney, and Al Madrigal.

Other cast members will be added to the show later on, according to the companies, which say that Philip Alberstat has been tapped to produce the adaptation. Metzger, one of the series' creators, is described as a Stephen King fan who brought up the story to Audio Up founder Jared Gutstadt, something that ultimately got the ball rolling for the new project.

In a statement about the Strawberry Spring adaptation, Gutstadt said:

Audio Up prides itself on continually raising the bar within audio entertainment, from working with top Hollywood actors to script creation, all the way to how we approach sound design and music composition. We hope this will be a breakout podcast this fall. I am so beyond excited for Stephen King fans to experience his work in the Audio Up podcast universe.